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Custom Motorcycle Graphics

Do you have a design you would like us to put to vinyl, We can do it for you at a fraction of the cost of custom paint.

Would you like us to create a one-of design to your spec's?

We are a "Graphic Design Studio", Not a "Sign Shop" so most of our designs are unique and can only be found here.

Unlike most places, We at DCG Customs try to stay away from the "Clip Art" most places try to pass off as "Custom".

Here are some "Guidelines"

Do you have your own design or design concept in mind but do not have the funds to have your Ride Custom Painted? We at DCG Customs can help. We can produce full color digital graphics of your own design and concept and Laser Contour cut them to your specifications. Just follow the simple steps below to get started.

  1. The Design can be of ANY format, Though Vector Format (.eps or ai are preferred) or Layered Photoshop (psd Format) will also help. We can work with jpg as well.

  2. Try to send us the Highest resolution possible (Minimum of 200 dpi OR Large Format Size)

  3. The Larger the Picture/Graphic the better (Preferred 8X8 minimum) but have worked with smaller, too small though and it cannot be enlarged without loss of detail

  4. Any file sent without Prior Notification is automatically deleted. - the world we live in -

  5. If possible, Graphic should be "Pre-shaped " to fit tank, That means if you want it be on the side of the tank (  <---------->  ) it should be horizontal or Landscape. If you send a Graphic that is Portrait by default (higher then it is wide) it may not "Stretch" well without distortion.

  6. We will resize at no charge but any "Cleanup" of Artwork will be charged at an hourly rate of $50.00 Per Hour (1 Hour Minimum).

  7. We will assume No Responsibility for any Copyrighted / Trademarked Material, We presume you have obtained rights to any design you have requested.

  8. Custom Work from a Blank Piece of Paper Starts at $50.00 per hour minimum ( non -refundable ) Plus Product and Shipping  

  9. Cost will be determined on a job by job basis. 

Notice to Custom Painters, OR If you plan to do your own CUSTOM Painting

We can Custom Laser Contour Cut any Frisket or Stencil you may require for your more intricate Paint Schemes. Just send us a Digital Vector graphic in Layers, and we will cut the stencil for you. No More taking razor blades to freshly painted tanks. Call for Details


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Custom WOLF Tank Graphic2653PaintJob9.jpg (92896 bytes)DSCF0003.JPG (329153 bytes)Full Tank Graphic
NOTE:All of our Decals are PRECISION Contour Cut, There are NO White borders or Clear Vinyl backgrounds Like most other decals. This makes for a more Custom and professional look. We utilize the best and thinnest material available to give your ride that Custom look you will be proud of.

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Phone Orders Between 9am - 5pm Central Time  M-F

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