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The T-shirt side of this Company is for SALE!

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About Us

DCG Customs / Dawg's Cycle Grafix grew out of a passion for both Art And Motorcycles. After being "DOWNSIZED" and looking for work
I made up my mind to stay off unemployment by applying my trade as a Graphic Artist along with my PASSION for Custom Bikes

So DCG Customs / Dawg's Cycle Grafix was born. We ARE NOT a big company. We have one employee, ME. (Well the wife helps out when she can)

We are an "Internet Only" business working out of my Basement Studio, but have my sites on a possible store front someday. 

Unlike most places, We at DCG Customs / DCGrafix try to stay away from the "Clip Art" most places try to pass off as "Custom".
We are a "Graphic Design Studio", Not a "Sign Shop" so most of our designs are unique and can only be found here.

What I am trying to Accomplish

I am trying to make available an AFFORDABLE way to FULLY CUSTOMIZE your Ride without having to pay a customizing shop thousands of dollars for a look that you may grow tired of after one season. My graphics are priced so that you can affordably change the look of your ride whenever it suits you. 

Also, for the Motorcycle riders out there, After Riding "HD's" for years and being accustom to all types of merchandise being available, it was discouraging to see that  there
was literally NOTHING available for anything else. Even non HD Products (like T-shirts) still had Pictures of HD's on them. So I am trying
to "CREATE" for the Metric Cruiser Rider. Something that you could wear to show the "PRIDE IN YOUR RIDE". 

 I also want to produce a quality product, both in artistic as well as wear ability.   

No More explaining "No It ain't a Harley". 


Thanx for reading this and I hope we have something for you. If not, Check back, because I am creating more everyday.



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